Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Get to know Torres del Paine National Park of the Chile

If you come to Chile and plan to travel to the extreme south, we recommend you to visit the Torres del Paine NationalPark.

In the south of Chile, located in the Torres del Paine commune in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region, is the Torres del Paine National Park. This magnificent place is protected and administered by the National Forestry Corporation.

In 1978 it was part of the biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The park located between the Andes Mountains and the Patagonian steppes comprises 227,298 hectares to explore, contemplate and enjoy.

What attractions are there?

In Torres del Paine National Park is the massif, which includes the Paine Grande peaks and its towers. A must-see attraction for tourists who come to the area.

If you have the opportunity to visit the park you will be able to see lakes and glaciers. Among them the Paine River, Grey lake (Lago Grey) Pehoe Lake, Nordenskjöld and Sarmiento.

You can also visit Gray glacier, Pingo glacier and Tyndall glacier.

How to get to the park?

If you are traveling from Santiago, you can take a flight to Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales. From there you can take a vehicle to one of the park’s access points.

From Puerto Natales it is 110 kilometers to the Laguna Amarga Torres del Paine entrance.

Looking for a day trip or day trek?

There are tourist agencies that offer full day tours day tri or day trek with different programs.

Main entrances to the park

There are five entrances to the park. The most used by tourists are: Laguna Amarga gate, Sarmiento gate and Serrano gate.

It is important that you register and pay your entrance fee.

What are the opening hours?

The park is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Laguna Amarga, Río Serrano and Lago Sarmiento gates.

To pay your entrance fee go to:

Where can you make your reservation?

Go to, download the official map and plan your trip. You will be able to access more information about its geographical location, history, reservation system, services provided by the park, maps and trails, regulated activities (and those that are not), rates, schedules and much more.

What months of the year is it recommended to go?

Patagonia’s climate is very cold all year round. However, the best months to go to Torres del Paine National Park are from November to April.

Weather conditions between November and April can be favorable for visiting Torres del Paine. However, it is ideal to bring a waterproof jacket, warm coat or windbreaker to weather the wind and cold.

Where can you stay?

Inside the park there are lodging or shelters. There are also cabins with hydromassage and camping.

It is ideal if you can make your reservation in advance, since between November and April there is more demand and reservations.

Hiking trails

There are trails that were baptized with letters, among the best known are:

Route W: One of the most popular hikes. You can visit the Torres del Paine. The route takes between 4 or 5 days.

Route O: It is a circular route that covers the entire park. It takes approximately 9 days.

Can you buy anything in the park?

Yes, there is only food for sale. Torres del Paine National Park does not have ATMs. If you need cash, you can go to Puerto Natales.

Some recommendations

If you are going to the extreme south of Chile, including Torres del Paine National Park, to do activities such as trekking, hiking or camping, it is ideal that you take with you:

  • Clothing designed to face the cold, rain and wind. It takes several layers that will help you stay protected. For example: thermal T-shirts, thermal pants, trekking pants, windbreaker, thick socks, soft shell jacket.
  • Information on the various tours offered by tourist agencies. Plan your tourist activities in advance so that you can enjoy its surroundings and nature to the fullest.
  • Waterproof backpack.
  • Carry trekking poles.
  • Sun block lotion.
  • Have a first aid kit.
  • With trekking and hiking GPS. Make sure you don’t get lost and have a high-tech device.
  • Have a hiking and outdoor app that allows you to know the weather, download maps and create your own routes.

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